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Bib and brace for sea fishing

The Best Bib and Brace for Sea Fishing

The sea is an unforgiving place and sea fishing is very demanding on gear. We discuss some of the considerations for choosing the right waterproof bib and brace for fishing. We will briefly outline key features, some of our top products and how to look after your gear. 

Choosing the type of bib and brace for sea fishing


There are three types of material used for waterproof bib and braces. PVC, nylon and PU. Each material has its own characteristics.

  • PVC: 100% waterproof and durable. Not breathable
  • Nylon: Water resistant rather than waterproof. If you want to stay dry look for at least a waterproof rating of 20,000mm+. Ripstop material is very durable and rip resistant. Has a high level of breathability (note. The more breathable a fabric, the less waterproof it will be).
  • PU: 100% waterproof, good durability but not exceptional, some breathability

So with each material you have tradeoffs. The general rule of thumb is that warmer or in moderate conditions, nylon or PU is fine. If you want a heavy duty fishing bib and brace then PVC is the best option. 


Nylon as the lightest fabric will always be the most comfortable. If you want a heavy duty bib and brace for fishing then a proven commercial fishing oilskin bib and brace will be the most comfortable. If you are recreational fishing then you might want insulation in winter. We recommend having insulation on lightweight bibs only as heavy PVC bibs will be too hot. You will also sweat in PVC or PU in warmer weather.

Pockets: PVC and PU bib and braces will have less pockets with generally one on the outside and one chest pocket. Nylon bibs have more versatility and generally more stowage being designed for recreational fishing. 

Selection of Bib and Braces for sea fishinG

Lightweight Bib and Brace

Westport 677 fishing bib and brace

This is a nylon bib and brace that is lightweight and very comfortable to wear and includes the following features:

  • Elastic back for comfort
  • Adjustable back divider
  • Internal chest pocket
  • Side utility pocket
  • Adjustable ankle snaps
Lightweight bib and brace for sea fishing

Midweight Bib and Brace

Stormtex 669B Midweight PVC Waterproof Workwear Bib and Brace

A 500gsm PVC bib and brace that isn’t too heavy, but is durable and 100% waterproof. 

  • Relaxed fit with more room underneath for layering
  • Sliding plastic divider to adjust the straps for comfort
  • Internal chest pocket 
  • Fully reversible to extend the life of the bib
  • Ankle snaps adjustments

Heavy duty Bib and Brace

Crew 654 Foul Weather Heavy Duty Waterproof Fishing Bib and Brace Pants

Our top of the line and most popular heavy duty waterproof bib and brace for sea fishing.

  • Heavy-duty 650 gsm PVC that is oil resistant
  • Double fronted PVC on chest and legs for extra durability  
  • Triple-layer in the knee incorporating removable knee pads 
  • Elasticated braces with industrial plastic clip buckles 
  • Double welded seams to be 100% waterproof  
  • Internal chest pocket 
  • Velcro tape at legs for adjustment and safety 
  • Elastic waist for comfort 
  • Hi-Visibility Neon for Safety

How to look after your sea fishing bib and brace

Clean your bib and brace after each use if possible. We recommend using warm soap water and hanging to drip dry. Detergents will degrade the waterproofing on nylon fabrics and also damage PVC garments as well. We do not recommend tumble dryers as these will also damage the material, especially the seams. 

If you get a tear in your gear there are plenty of aftermarket repair kits for nylon fabrics and we also have a patch repair kit available as well as a handy instructional video on how to repair your PVC bib and brace. 


Good quality gear costs money. You should choose your gear bearing in mind your budget but also what you need the bib for. Is it occasional use, warm vs cold weather etc. We would generally recommend starting with a mid range price bib and brace. A cheap product will likely be unsuitable after more than a few uses. 

In summary, choose the right fishing bib and brace for sea fishing that will suit the conditions you intend on fishing in. There are plenty of options out there. Online reviews are very helpful as well as review sites or product videos

If you have any questions about our products or size and fit, feel free to contact us and one of friendly team can assist you. 

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