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The big post Brexit debate – Fishing gear as fashion, yes or no?

Post-referendum question – Fishing gear for fashion


Now the referendum is finalised and we know for sure that the UK is leaving the EU (well, not for sure, but it’s what the UK electorate voted for), it’s time to consider the other big issues facing our industry. And what bigger issue to tackle than trendy youngsters co-opting our iconic workwear for the purposes of fashion?

Fishing gear as fashion in the UK

As we’ve written about before in our brief but fascinating history of oilskins, there’s an entire sartorial culture surround fishing gear. Fishing hats, oilskins, waterproofs, even bibs and braces have been tweaked and toned to make them fit for the catwalk and the shop window.

The Guardian recently analysed the trend of workwear being repurposed as fashion, noting that the trend for outdoorsy clothing – jeans, flannel shirts, boots, had evolved to include more “utilitarian workwear.”

And Barneys, the posh New York fashion retailer Barney’s will sell you a Royal Mail shirt for nearly $600.

But how are we supposed to feel about this?

Should we be proud that the sturdy, durable waterproof fishing gear we rely on to keep us warm and dry has made it from the deck to the front pages of fashion mags?

Or should we be peeved that the look has been hijacked for the purposes of fast fashion.

Like we say, it’s a big issue and we need to address it.

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