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Tony 'TK' Walker from Cascade Fishing Charters with a Tuna

Tony Walker – Face of Stormline September 2015

This is the second in an exciting new series of monthly Stormline feature profiles. A new face of Stormline, every month.
Name: Tony (TK) Walker
Age: 52
Profession:  Commercial fisherman.
Hometown: Whangamata New Zealand.
Main activity: Long line fishing for Tuna, swordfish and bottom longline for Bass and bluenose.
Best catch: In recent years the most memorable catch would be the yellow tail kingfish I caught at the Wanganella Banks 300 miles west of New Zealand. They were well above world record weight. Who knows how big they really get.
Why I love fishing:
The feeling you get when you come back into port with a good load of fish is pretty hard to beat. And in my game you never know what is going to come up on the line next hook . There have been plenty of surprises over the years.
Favourite memory:
Taking my family out to Great Barrier Island in my father’s game fishing launch. Magic memories of fishing with the kids and watching the looks on their faces as they pulled up the fish.
Tips for beginners:
I have always had a theory that the gear you see in the tackle shops are designed to catch fisherman not fish.A simple hook and a strip bait of squid have caught me many tons of fish over the years.
Hero: To me the hero is the kid that asks the big hairy tattooed skipper for a job.We take them out into one of the world’s most hostile work environments, the southern ocean. We put some Stormline gear on them, put them out on an open deck.Yell and scream at them because they don’t know what they are doing. They get paid next to nothing and they come back next trip and do it all again. They are the heroes of our industry.
If I could change one thing: It would be the public perception of our industry.
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