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Wet weather accessories – hats, belts and other essentials for commercial fishing

When we talk about preparations for commercial fishing, we often focus on the waterproof trousers and foul weather jackets that your crew needs to stay warm and dry. But what about wet weather accessories?

Essential extras such as hats, belts, boots and gloves can actually be more crucial when it comes to staying comfortable out at sea. Let’s take a look at each in turn, with tips on what features to look for when kitting out your crew.


A super-durable pair of boots can be a fisherman’s best friend. When the rain is hammering down and you’re struggling to keep your balance on deck in slippery conditions, you’ll be extremely glad of a pair of solid commercial fishing boots. As well as keeping your crew’s feet warm and dry, boots are also one of those wet weather accessories that is a health and safety essential. Look for heavy duty commercial fishing boots with reinforced toes that resist crushing, as well as these important features:

  • Shock absorbing soles
  • Materials such as vulcanised rubber or latex neoprene to keep moisture out
  • Flexibility to allow freedom of movement
  • Breathability to ensure comfort during long shifts
  • Protection against chemicals and other wear and tear.


It’s hard to say which of the main commercial fishing wet weather accessories is the most important. However, gloves have to be right up there at the top of the list. You really can’t invest enough time or money into buying the right pair of gloves for commercial fishing, as they really are put through a lot. You need superior grip even in wet conditions and waterproofing to keep the rain out. Your gloves also need to be incredibly durable to withstand the wear and tear of life on a fishing vessel. After all, you don’t want to be buying a new pair of gloves for every trip out.


wet weather accessories

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Belts do not only keep your trousers up while hard at work out at sea – they also serve another crucial purpose. Commercial fishing belts can be an invaluable safety tool during rough seas. They allow your crew to clip onto the vessel and avoid being knocked or swept overboard. They can also be useful from a utility perspective, as some can hold knives, gloves and other accessories to make life just a little easier and keep your hands free.


Last on our list, but just as important for the comfort of your crew, is hats. On cold days, a lot of heat can be lost through the head. An ultra-warm, insulated hat really is an essential to keep everyone comfortable during chilly weather. Waterproof headwear can also be useful for a commercial fishing crew, whether as part of a foul weather jacket or as a separate hat.

Never underestimate the importance of wet weather accessories when facing rough conditions out at sea. Take a look here at Stormline’s range of commercial fishing wet weather accessories, as well as the wholesale discounts we can offer when you order in bulk.

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