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Wet weather work gear – finding the right waterproofs for your job

If you’ve tried a range of different waterproofs for your team and still don’t feel that you’re getting enough performance or life out of your wet weather work gear, it could be time to re-think your approach.

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Instead of getting universal or generic wet weather gear, you need to think more specific. Look for waterproofs that have been designed specifically for a particular industry, or for a particular kind of job. This gear will have features which help to overcome the everyday challenges of the job. This is because they’ve been tailor-made for that kind of work.

Here are some crucial things to consider:

Consider the conditions and your team’s shift patterns. The longer your team are out in wet conditions without breaks, the more durable the kit needs to be. The waterproofs you choose need to withstand being battered by the elements for hours at a time, several days a week. They also need to continue to provide protection for your workers. This is when it is crucial to buy high-spec, extra durable wet weather work gear. At the other end of the scale, you might be looking for waterproofs for those ‘just in case’ moments. Your team may not be outside for very long, or very frequently – but lighter waterproofs are always good to have.

How physical is the job? The more physical the work, the more crucial breathability becomes. Your crew need to be ventilated as they work, sweat and get hotter, or you could actually be creating a more uncomfortable working environment than before you kitted the team out in waterproofs. Another crucial feature for physically demanding work is how easy they are to move in. You can’t have your team weighed down by overly heavy material. Nor can you have them restricted in their movement in any other way. You need lightweight, flexible gear to keep your crew moving.

wet weather work gear

For every industry, only 100% waterproof will do. Forget about wet weather work gear that promises to be rainproof, water-resistant or water-repelling. This isn’t enough of a guarantee when it comes to outdoor jobs completed in all conditions. You need a solid guarantee of 100% waterproof. This means reinforced seams and a strong, durable material. It could even mean extra features such as elastic cuffs to keep the rain out there too.

If you want specialist gear, shop with a specialist. You wouldn’t buy your commercial equipment from a domestic supplier, so why do the same with your wet weather gear? Choose a company such as Stormline that is known for its expertise in specialist work and foul weather gear for industries such as fishing, construction and agriculture. We even let you filter products by industry, so you know you’re only looking at specialist gear designed for your job.

At Stormline, we take pride in ensuring our clothing, equipment and gear is perfectly suited for the needs of the industries we cater to, and that when you shop with Stormline, you’ll get a premium product that will stand the test of time. Having catered to fishing crews and other outdoor specialists for over 50 years, we have a really good understanding of what it is you need to stay safe and comfortable in your work.

Waterproofs For Farming

Farming is an industry that just keeps going come rain or shine, so having waterproofs and other weather-appropriate gear is vital for your everyday work environment. Farming waterproofs, including gear like a specialist farmers waterproof bib and brace, waterproof outerwear and more are all important pieces of gear that you’ll need to keep yourself and your workers at the top of your game. However, you also need to be sure that your team have full mobility and can carry out everything they need to do. This means that comfort and flexibility are paramount, as they are for many different outdoor industries.

The type of equipment you need will also vary wildly depending on your location and the climate of your area. For farming in the UK, waterproofs are non-negotiable! The more humid climate means you’ve got to be ready not only to get wet, but then for it to stay wet for the next two weeks! However, compared to many other climates, the UK is relatively mild and while the rain never stops, the UK doesn’t get the same level of hot and cold temperatures as other areas. That means that UK farmers can get away with medium-lightweight gear, which helps with breathability and won’t weigh you down as you work.

Products like the Stormtex-Air 652 bib and brace are great for UK farmers, as it offers brilliant protection from the rain and wind, while giving you all the flexibility you need to carry out the wide variety of tasks that farming needs. The stretch PVC fabric makes this waterproof bib and brace comfortable, soft and durable, while also being light enough for all-day use.

For colder climates, heavier and more insulated products like the Stormtex 669B PVC Oilskin Waterproof Workwear Bib and Brace might be better suited.

Why Choose Stormline Gear For Your Commercial Waterproofs?

At Stormline, we’ve been providing outdoor workwear and high-quality waterproofs for commercial use for over 50 years. We are specialist providers of commercial agriculture, aquaculture, construction, forestry, and foul weather gear to give our customers products that won’t let them down. As people with experience in the industries we service ourselves, we have first-hand experience in what you need your gear to do, and what you want when you purchase commercial waterproofs.

We’re incredibly proud of the craftsmanship of our products, and take the time to make sure that when you buy with Stormline, you don’t just get a product that works, you get a product that lasts. Buying waterproofs that are cheap and cheerful is fine for recreational users, but for those of us wearing this kind of gear day in, day out and for longer periods of time, those kinds of products will be useless within a few months. Stormline gear is an investment, but a worthwhile one, as you’ll be protected from the elements for years to come with our products.

Take a look here at Stormline’s range of wet weather gear, available for each industry. Our gear is also organised into different weights – light, medium or heavy depending on the weather conditions your team will face.

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