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Whitstable Oyster Festival

Whitstable Oyster Festival

The Whitstable Oyster Festival is currently running from the 26th July to 1st August. Whitstable is the UK capital of Oysters and has been so since the middle of the 18th Century. This picturesque little town puts on quite a show with all sorts of activities, but when combined with sunny weather attracts thousands of visitors to taste the oysters and local beer and food.
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On our visit to Whitstable it was near on 30 degrees celsius and it was fantastic. The Oysters were fresh and there was a variety of other seafood to try as well. The local beer also wasn’t too bad, especially the Oyster Stout from Whitstable Brewery to wash it down!

Fresh whitstable oysters

In addition to the seafood was the great array of old schooners that were at sea. There wasn’t much wind to be had, but these old boats looked great on the water and some even a bit like an oil painting…

Fresh seafood in Whitstable

There were also the local fishing fleet also present though with a variety of trawlers on display in the harbour. With the perfect combination of good weather, food and drink this really helped to showcase English seafood and hopefully created some keen converts and supporters for the fishing community.

Scooner in Whitstable

We are strong supporters of commercial fishermen and we will be bringing you stories from around the world and also a little bit about our fishing clothing and oil skins as well.

Whitstable Fishing Trawlers

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