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How to buy wholesale fishing workwear

It isn’t always cheap to buy fishing workwear that offers maximum protection to your crew and of sufficient quality that it doesn’t need replacing in a matter of months. However, there is one way that you can save money and still get exceptional quality wet weather gear, and that is to plan ahead.

Buying in bulk to save money

You may have just one crew member to kit out at the moment, but pause before you buy just one or two pieces.  Will you need more wet weather gear in the future? For most crews, the answer will almost definitely be yes. Old gear will need replacing, or there may be changes within your team. Furthermore, you may be facing new challenges with the weather or the changes of the seasons.

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To be fully prepared and at the same time trim your workwear bill down to a manageable size, it’s time to look into buying wholesale.

Stormline offers a sizeable discount on wholesale fishing wet weather gear, up to 15% in many cases depending on what you choose and how many you wish to order. This means you could save a small fortune compared to buying oilskins and other gear as and when you need them, and you’ll get everything delivered at once. Plus, you’ll always have spares to hand and are ready to kit out every team member no matter what the circumstances or conditions.

If you’re concerned that you don’t actually need that much equipment but don’t want to miss out on bulk buy savings, take a look at your current inventory of fishing workwear. If you don’t have all the seasons covered, this could be the ideal way to order everything you need for a full year. Your crew will need lighter gear in summer and many more protective items when winter descends, and what about emergency situations such as sudden storms? It’s crucial to be prepared.

Crew consistency

Wet weather gear in Australia

While cost saving is of course one of the most persuasive benefits of buying in bulk, there is another important point to consider. This is crew consistency, where every member of your team is kitted out in the same foul weather gear. You have the peace of mind that everyone you oversee has the same standard of protection and of course, that everyone looks the same. Don’t underestimate what this visual aspect can do for the professional image of your crew, as well as for morale, team building and conduct at work.

Last but not least, buying wholesale fishing wet weather gear can make your life easier. You don’t need to waste time shopping for new gear every few weeks, you can do it all at once. Purchasing decisions become much easier when you’re buying in bulk, because everyone gets the same. You simply order multiples of the same thing, so you only need to research and find one or two products that meet your needs.

So that’s it, fishing workwear sorted for at least 12 months or maybe even longer. Take a look here at our trade and wholesale products and bulk buy discounts.

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