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Want a free Stormline foul weather jacket? Just take this fishy 7-picture quiz.

Competition closed:

It’s our 50th birthday this year and we want to celebrate with our loyal and valued customers. So we’re giving away a Stormline foul weather jacket.

But you’ve got to earn it. And by ‘earn it’ – we mean show what you know about fish.

Stormline wearers know their gear and they know their fish. So if you fancy getting your hands on a brand new piece of foul weather gear courtesy of your friends at Stormline, just take our quick 7-question quiz.

Win a Stormline Foul Weather Jacket

Think you know your fish?

Sure you do.

So have a go at the super quick fishy quiz.

All you’ve got to do is share the quiz (and your score – so please concentrate!) once you’ve done it.

About Stormline Foul Weather Rain Gear

Our gear is designed to deliver optimal protection without sacrificing mobility or comfort.

You don’t want to be weighed down, overly warm or not warm enough, so our range is designed with climate and use in mind. Whether you’re fishing for fun off the Queensland coast, or fishing for a living in those harsh Canadian waters, you’ll find the right foul weather gear here. It’s waterproof, hard-wearing and practical. We like to think it looks good too.

We keep our range very simple; choose from three weights – light, medium and heavy – and then select your gear.

Stormline has been making high quality wet weather gear, oilksins, rain gear and foul weather gear for 50 years now. We started out making gear for local fishermen and women in New Zealand. We now export all over the world, from Canada to South Africa. If there’s fish to be caught, people can usually get hold of our gear.

Check out our range of marine foul weather gear. Browse oilskins, waterproofs and lightweight wet weather gear.

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