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Yarmouth Fishing Show 25 – 26 Feb

Recently we attended the Yarmouth Fishing Show in Nova Scotia, Canada sharing a stand with our Canadian East Coast Distributor IMP Marine. It was great to get out to Nova Scotia, where I also managed to get around some retailers in New Brunswick with IMP Regional Sales Rep, George Hickey. It’s always something else to see the huge amounts of snow that Canada gets, but it was great to meet the retailers and get a feel for what both they and their customers are after in their particular market. The trip was very successful and was a great lead into the Yarmouth show.  During the show we again got excellent feedback about the products and what guys like or indeed suggestions they had. Feedback from our users is vitally important to ensuring that we can provide the best possible products. In Yarmouth for instance, Lobster is the predominate fishing and the double reinforced layers of the Crew Range are perfect for this as they stand up to the abrasion of the Lobster pots. They were also very interested in the Captains Lightweight Jacket for summer fishing.  Here are a few photo’s from the show:

yarmouth stand_New


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