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A guide to buying wet weather gear for Australia – finding the best bibs, braces, jackets and trousers

wet weather gear Australia

If your wet weather gear has seen better days, it’s probably a good idea to replace it now. Leave it too long and you’ll find that when you really need it, your waterproofs let you down. Let’s take a look at a few of the most crucial points to consider for new lightweight wet weather gear.

Australia and its widely varying climate

Australia may not be a large continent, but it is a very large country. Due to its size and a number of other geographic and climate-related factors (such as the effect of a subtropical high-pressure belt), this means that the weather in Australia can vary hugely.

For example, people working in Western Australia’s rock lobster fishing industries will face hot conditions most of the time. Meanwhile, those farming in Tasmania are likely to experience high rainfall levels during the working day.  

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How to prepare for changing conditions

What does Australia’s varying climate mean for someone buying new wet weather gear? It means that you’ll need to be prepared for any sudden changes the weather may throw at you. Follow these tips:

  • Lightweight waterproof gear is the best option to choose – especially if the weather is warm but changeable. You’ll be covered in case of sudden showers, but you won’t overheat.
  • If you travel a lot for work, choose something versatile – if you move between areas with different climates, this allows you to adjust easily to changing conditions.
  • Layers are your best friend – choose items that work well with under and over layers, so you can remain comfortable.

Prioritise anti-fatigue materials

It goes without saying that you need to be looking for wet weather gear that is as waterproof as possible. A top tip for this is to look for items that have reinforced seams and extras such as adjustable cuffs which prevent the rain from running down your sleeves while you’re working.

However, just as important as waterproofing is anti-fatigue. Your gear will need to battle the everyday demands of the job, from chemicals, salt water and oil to general wear and tear. It’ll also need to withstand heat, wind, rain and everything else the Australian climate can throw at it. It needs to be anti-fatigue, such as a jacket that is reinforced with polyester-backed PVC.

Managing temperature

Overheating can be a very real problem with wet weather gear in Australia. When temperatures soar but you’re preparing for rain, you need to choose something lightweight and breathable to remain safe and comfortable.

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Kitting out your whole workforce

It can be well worthwhile doing some forward planning when it comes to buying wet weather gear in Australia. If you have a whole fishing, farming or construction crew to kit out and you know that they’ll need clothing suitable for a range of weather conditions, why not buy in bulk, all in one go?

Bulk buying allows you to save time and crucially, save money. This is because specialist suppliers of lightweight waterproof gear in Australia such as Stormline offer discounts of up to 15% for bulk orders.

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