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A guide to heavy duty waterproof workwear – foul weather gear for outdoor work

Stormline 807 heavy duty fishing oilskin smock

The toughest jobs require super tough workwear that won’t let you down. It needs to keep working, keeping you protected, dry and comfortable, for as long as you do. Heavy duty waterproof workwear is specialist kit and quality is important, but it isn’t always easy to find.

Here at Stormline, we’ve been specialising in fit-for-purpose heavy duty waterproofs since 1966. We know exactly what it takes to protect outdoor workers from the elements, and keep them comfortable, mobile and free to get on with the job.

Who needs heavy duty waterproof workwear?

If you work in a job that brings you into contact with chemicals, abrasives or that is extremely physical, you absolutely must have specialist clothing.  For example, construction workers and people working within agriculture industries. Ordinary waterproof jackets, trousers and overalls will tear easily when faced with the demands of your role, or they’ll almost instantly start leaking water.

How strong is our PVC?

The material is crucial

Most heavy duty workwear is made from PVC, or a material that contains PVC. This material is such a popular choice as it offers a huge range of benefits for this kind of workwear. It is flexible, so it can stretch for extra comfort, but it is also extremely durable, strong and can withstand everything from chemicals to abrasion. Look for items that have a good grams per square metre (gsm) ratio for the very best quality, and perhaps even items that have double layers of PVC/PU.

Must-have features for heavy duty waterproof workwear

Now that you know what material to look for – anything which uses good quality PVC – you now need to think about extra features. It is the features below that help to make workwear ‘heavy duty’ and you’ll find that they make a big difference to the wearability and the lifespan of the item.

  •       Heavy duty, reinforced ‘glove friendly’ zips
  •       Adjustable cuffs and longer backs for extra water protection
  •       In certain items such as the Stormtex-Air 652, knee pads and elbow protection
  •       Reinforced seams to prevent water entry and ensure the workwear lasts as long as possible.

Heavy duty workwear – your options

Let’s take a look at a couple of options, suitable for a range of tasks from commercial fishing to construction.

  • Crew 255 PVC Fishing Rain Jacket – a heavy-duty raglan oilskin fishing jacket made from extra strong single-layer PVC. It’s guaranteed to keep the rain out, thanks to elastic cuffs and double welded seams, while the raglan sleeves offer full range of movement.
  • Crew 640 PVC Fishing Waterproofs Bib Overalls – an easy-to-don bib and brace made from heavy duty 650 gsm PVC, with reinforced knees and kneepads. It has an elasticated waist and adjustable straps for extra comfort. Ideal for wearing underneath the Crew 255 jacket in harsher conditions, or on its own in warmer weather.

Versatile midweight waterproof workwear

If you want the toughness and protection of heavy duty, but worry about being weighed down – try midweight waterproof gear on for size. This is kit that is padded only where it needs to be, offering fuss-free practical and functional features to help you get on with the job.

Here are just a few top-performing midweight options:

Does heavy duty workwear have to be heavy?

Technology is a wonderful thing, and it has enabled the designers of modern heavy-duty waterproof workwear to make it lightweight.

There is no compromise to the waterproofing or extreme toughness of the material of items like the Stormtex 203 wet weather jacket, but it is much easier to wear. 

Similarly, the Stormtex-Air 652 Wet Weather Bib and Brace offers the ideal combination of weather protection, comfort and mobility.

Lightweight items permit full freedom of movement and you don’t need to burn extra energy when wearing them.

Why Stormline? See our story

If you need specialist gear, buy from a specialist

Heavy duty waterproof workwear is available from a variety of retailers and online stores. However, not all of these are specialist suppliers for industries that really need heavy duty gear, such as farming, fishing, construction and agriculture. Stormline is, and we regularly listen to the feedback of our trusted partners and customers to find out what workers in these industries really need. Our expertise enables us to supply thousands of businesses with exceptional quality workwear that really does deserve the label ‘heavy duty’

Take a look here at the range of wholesale heavy duty waterproof workwear from Stormline, with discounts of up to 15% when you buy in bulk.