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Best rain gear for fishing in Alaska – A guide to wet weather gear in America’s coldest state

Wet weather gear in Alaska

If you’re searching for new waterproof gear for fishing in Alaska, you’ll need to choose very carefully. When you’ll be working in extreme conditions, it’s crucial to pick out the right clothing and equipment. If you’re not kitted out properly, comfort will be the very least of your concerns. In climates like Alaska, the wrong clothing can be dangerous. It can even put your life at risk.

Alaska’s subarctic climate

Alaska is a prime example of an extreme climate, experiencing long, freezing cold winters and in some areas, snow all year round. It varies across the state from oceanic climates in southern areas such as Sitka, one of Alaska’s busiest fishing ports, to subarctic temperatures in the north and interior. If you live or work along the south coast, you may also be at the mercy of the storms caused by the Gulf of Alaska.

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Commercial fishing in Alaska

Despite the difficult working conditions, fishing crews in Alaska have no choice but to get on with the job. Commercial fishing is a major industry in this northwest U.S. State due to its abundance of sea life that is prized worldwide, in particular Alaskan salmon. Thousands of people work in the Alaskan fishing industry, battling some of the harshest conditions on Earth day in, day out.

How to work comfortably in extreme conditions

To avoid the dangers of wet and cold weather, you need fishing rain gear that keeps you warm and dry in equal measure. Follow these tips:

  • Insulating layers are essential. Insulation is what keeps your body heat in, protecting you from the cold.
  • Waterproofing is just as important as warmth. If you get wet, you could be in real danger from the cold. Your body temperature can drop very quickly, so avoiding getting wet in the first place can help you stay safe.
  • Choose roomy outer jackets so you can layer up. Many people make the mistake of choosing rain gear that is the perfect fit, forgetting that in cold conditions you’ll need lots of layers underneath.
  • Don’t forget accessories. Hats, gloves and footwear are essentials for comfortable and safe working.

The right rain gear for fishing in Alaska could save your life

Working as part of a fishing crew in Alaska is a risky business. You will be working in one of the world’s toughest environments, facing everything from seasonal darkness and isolated fishing grounds to freezing temperatures, extremely cold water and high winds.

This is why the right gear is not only desirable. It is essential, and could even save your life. You can avoid the worst of the the harsh cold, winds and rain with protective, insulated fishing rain gear.

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Only buy from a specialist

Fishing rain gear from consumer retailers and stores simply won’t be up to the task. It just won’t reach the level of quality, warmth, durability and waterproofing that you need. Shop from a specialist such as Stormline instead, which is a proud supplier of exceptional quality, fit-for-purpose gear to many fishing crews across Alaska and the U.S.

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