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A Buyer’s Guide to Construction Workwear

If you work in the construction industry, you’ll know first hand the importance of long-lasting construction workwear that can be worn in all weather conditions, providing both comfort and quality to ensure that you can get on with the job at hand. That’s exactly why we’re committed to offering an extensive collection of construction workwear, made with quality materials and designed to have useful features for all construction workers, whatever your specific role is.

Here at Stormline, our entire range caters to our customers and their needs. This approach to designing durable and comfortable gear, as well as our exceptional service, has earned us a strong reputation globally, in our origin country of New Zealand and further afield to places like the UK. Established in 1966, we began to manufacture commercial fishing gear, and have since grown to offer a range of workwear to various sectors around the world.

When we design and manufacture our products, comfort, durability and the challenges that many workers face are always at the forefront of our minds – workers should be able to work comfortably, withstanding the elements. Our range of gear includes bib and brace overalls, rain jackets, builders trousers and t-shirts, many of which are designed to enhance visibility – with hi-vis features – and maximise safety.

We have helped both sole workers and full workforces, such as building companies, over the years with our gear. We appreciate that there is so much choice out there regarding construction workwear, which is why we’ve made this buyer’s guide, to help you decide on the products that are best suited to your needs.

Whilst our wide range of gear is suited to those in the construction industry, many of our products are also popular amongst workers in agriculture and the marine industry too. Whether you’re buying for yourself or for your entire team, please contact our customer service team at [email protected] if you’d like more information or have any questions about our products.

Construction Workwear: Bib and Brace

Stormtex-Air 696 Hi-Vis Class 1 Waterproof Bib and Brace

The versatile Stormtex-Air 696 Hi-Vis Class 1 Waterproof Bib and Brace is suitable for use in a range of industries including dairy farming, the fishing industry, commercial cleaning and the construction sector, due to its waterproofing and high quality, long-lasting material. This high visibility workwear has a Class 1 rating from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and is ISO EN 20471 certified. It is therefore compliant with these requirements. As such, the reflective tape meets the necessary standards, providing increased visibility which is ideal for workers that operate in poorly lit environments.

As with all of our products here at Stormline, these bib and brace are made from quality material that is designed to be hard-wearing, whilst providing maximum comfort. Made with 100% waterproof 340gsm PVC, with nylon, you can rest assured that you will withstand the elements when wearing this bib and brace to carry out your construction work. For optimum protection and comfort, this bib and brace are designed to be worn with our Stormtex-Air 242 Hi-Vis Class 3 Waterproof Jacket.

We ensure that all of our products have useful features for all workers, and this bib and brace set is no exception. Useful features include:

  • Neon tape for enhanced visibility, compliant with ANSI Class 1 and ISO EN 20471.
  • An internal pocket and a side utility pocket for useful storage.
  • Knee pads and a triple layer of material on the knees, to ensure that you can kneel comfortably and the material will not wear easily.
  • Welded seams to keep the heat in.
  • Elasticated braces with industrial plastic clips for easy adjustment, even when wearing gloves.
  • Snaps on the trouser bottoms for a tailored, secure fit.
  • A high back design for increased comfort whilst working.

Stormtex 669EN ANSI and EN 20471 Class 1 Hi-Viz Waterproof Workwear Bib and Brace

Our Stormtex 669EN ANSI and EN 20471 Class 1 Hi-Viz Waterproof Workwear Bib and Brace is vital gear for construction workers that need waterproof protection, durability and flexibility when working. These overalls are from our mid-weight range and have a fully reversible design, meaning that they can last twice as long. There’s hi-vis tape on both sides of the trousers, meaning that whichever way you wear these overalls, you will still benefit from the reflective design. Regarding the tape, this is ANSI 107-2020 Class E compliant / Class 1 EN 20471 tape, meaning that it provides visibility even in challenging weather conditions and during the night.

This bib and brace, made with 340gsm PVC for durability, is designed to be loose-fitting, meaning that you can wear whatever you like underneath it to customise your fit and to layer up, especially in adverse weather conditions. This design also increases the flexibility of the garment, which is essential for construction workers. This is designed to be worn with our Stormtex 248EN Class 3 Hi-Viz Waterproof Workwear Jacket so that you can enjoy comfort and protection whilst working outdoors whether that’s in construction, agriculture, power washing or fishing.

As well as the relaxed fit, quality PVC and reversible design, these overalls have a myriad of useful features, including:

  • An internal pocket for safely storing any of your essentials, such as your mobile phone and tools for work.
  • A sliding plastic divider so that you can customise the fit of your straps to your body shape and your personal preference.
  • Adjustable ankle snaps that will fit around any footwear, such as safety boots. This ensures the perfect fit, as well as added waterproof protection around your footwear.

Stormtex 669Y PVC Oilskin Hi-Viz Waterproof Workwear Bib and Brace

Taken from our mid-weight collection, this Stormtex 669Y PVC Oilskin Hi-Viz Waterproof Workwear Bib and Brace combines comfort with functionality and features. Made with 550gsm PVC for durability, this bib and brace is completely reversible so that you can wear this construction clothing for years to come. As with most of our gear, the PVC used for these overalls provides waterproof protection, allowing you to face the elements with confidence whilst carrying out your work.

These overalls are also designed to be loose-fitting, allowing you to wear builders clothing of your choice underneath, to tailor the fit and layer up in colder climates. The design also provides great flexibility, which is important when working in a range of environments, including construction sites. It’s also important to remain visible to others in these environments, for your own safety. That’s why these overalls are hi-vis, helping you keep safe in dark conditions.

At Stormline, we pride ourselves on offering the widest assortments of jackets, overalls, trousers and other workwear, all of which comes with a range of useful features for the user. As such, this bib and brace includes features such as:

  • Internal pockets, so that you can store essential items safely with peace of mind that they will remain secure and dry.
  • A sliding plastic divider, which allows you to adjust your straps for a tailored fit. You can therefore stay comfortable whilst doing your job, adjusting the straps to your needs and your preferred fit.
  • Ankle adjustments for additional waterproof protection – these can be made tighter or looser, depending on your footwear, for a tailored fit to protect against water.

Construction Workwear: Jackets

Stormtex-Air 242 Hi-Vis Class 3 Waterproof Jacket

The Stormtex-Air 242 Hi-Vis Class 3 Waterproof Jacket, is the perfect jacket for outdoor working – it’s a popular choice for construction workers that need waterproof layers to keep them dry and comfortable in all weather conditions. Compliant with ANSI Class 3 rain gear and ISO EN 20471 certified, this jacket is made from 100% waterproof nylon backed 340gsm PVC for fast drying, so that you can get the job done despite challenging weather conditions.

The jacket also has a longer back which effectively facilitates water runoff, whilst the elastic cuffs ensure a comfortable fit and protection from water. This jacket also has raglan sleeves, so that you can work unrestricted thanks to easy arm movement. For maximum comfort and protection whilst working, we recommend wearing this jacket over the Stormtex-Air 696 Hi-Vis Class 1 Waterproof Bib and Brace – these lightweight overalls are also suitable for a range of industries.

Regarding the features on this jacket, there are a range of them, which is exactly why this Stormline jacket stands out – it isn’t just a standard waterproof jacket. The features include:

  • An adjustable drawstring hood for a secure fit, even over helmets.
  • A velcro storm flap and neoprene adjustable cuffs for protection against water.
  • Angled pockets for storage and easy access.
  • A full-length, heavy-duty YKK zip made from reinforced plastic.
  • Hi-vis neon features for extra visibility in dark environments.

Stormtex 248EN Class 3 Hi-Viz Waterproof Workwear Jacket

The Stormtex 248EN Class 3 Hi-Viz Waterproof Workwear Jacket – a medium weight waterproof jacket – is designed for all types of outdoor work. It is ideal for construction workers that are looking for a jacket that is strong yet comfortable, without weighing them down. This jacket is made from single-layer 340gsm PVC, which is waterproof and hardwearing. It is designed to help keep workers warm and dry, even in the most challenging weather conditions – our PVC helps rainwater and any other liquids run off the material for fast drying. The jacket also has raglan arm sleeves with elasticated cuffs, for ease of movement and a comfortable, secure fit.

This jacket is ANSI 107 – 2020 (Type P or R) compliant and EN ISO 20471 Class 3, meaning it is safe for use at night or in low light conditions, thanks to its specialist marine grade reflective tape. This classification means that the jacket can be worn in high-traffic and high-risk areas, whilst still providing visibility and, subsequently, increased safety. Besides the quality materials, this jacket also has a range of useful features, including:

  • Elasticated sleeves for increased water tightness.
  • An internal phone pocket, so that you can keep your mobile or any other device safe and secure whilst you are working.
  • A full-length heavy-duty reinforced YKK zip with reinforced plastic, so that it is easy to use even when wearing gloves.
  • Velcro storm flaps to keep you dry and comfortable. We’ve designed our velcro so that it is extremely easy to use, allowing you to easily remove your gear at the end of the working day.

Stormtex 248Y PVC Oilskin Hi-Viz Waterproof Workwear Jacket

If you’re looking for a jacket that is extra strong but doesn’t weigh you down, our Stormtex 248Y PVC Oilskin Hi-Viz Waterproof Workwear Jacket is an ideal option. This workwear jacket is made with a single layer of 550gsm PVC, making it a popular choice for professional builders, fishermen and farmers alike. As with all of our products, the material we use is designed to withstand the elements as well as any ripping or tearing, to ensure that your workwear is a worthwhile investment for years to come.

For additional safety and visibility, the jacket also has hi-vis features that are perfect for those that frequently work in dark or poorly lit areas. The medium-weight jacket is also made with raglan sleeves, allowing users to move freely and easily in their gear. After all, when working in construction, you do not want to feel restricted by your workwear. As for the features that this jacket has, these include:

  • A velcro storm flap for additional protection.
  • A full-length, heavy-duty reinforced YKK zip.
  • Raglan arm sleeves with elasticated cuffs for a comfortable fit and ease of movement.

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Whichever type of garment you choose to buy at Stormline, each one is made with care and consideration from the earliest design process to the manufacturing stages. Whilst we hope that this buyer’s guide to construction workwear has helped you to find the right products for your needs, we’d love to hear from you if you have any further questions or would like more information about safety wear, including our sizes and our shipping. We also offer trade and wholesale deals, so that you can provide your entire building team with our gear. Please get in touch with the team by emailing [email protected].

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