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All The Commercial Fishing Rain Gear Accessories You Need to Know About

Having the right workwear is a top priority in commercial fishing- it needs to be hardwearing to withstand the various fluids and abrasions that even one day in commercial fishing can throw at you. At Stormline, we believe in innovation and development when it comes to our apparel, and that doesn’t stop at just clothing! Take a look at some of our commercial fishing rain gear accessories that are available to you.

202 Commercial Fishing Sleeves

202 Commercial Fishing Sleeves

Our waterproof fishing sleeves are unique and made to last using medium weight poly/cotton backed PVC. The sleeves are designed with industry-leading adjustable neoprene cuffs for water protection and comfort – indispensable whether you’re on-deck or working onshore. The supple yet tough PVC is hardwearing and engineered to be highly resistant to abrasion and cuts, and the polymetrics are also made to withstand any oils and fluids that you usually come across in the fishing industry.

Stormline Knitted Beanie

Stormline Beanie Angle Shot

A product that’s designed for both work and play, our knitted beanie is generally a great accessory to keep your head warm in any season. It’s a hat to fit all head sizes and is fleece-lined for extra comfort and warmth, whether you’re wearing it on a boat, out and about or just as part of your daily wear.

999ST Fishing Apron with Elastic Braces

999ST Fishing Apron with Elastic Braces

The Stormline Apron is designed and used as fish industry workwear, as well as commercial use for cleaning and preparing food. This apron is made to be nothing but durable, using heavy-duty 650gsm PVC, it’s strong enough to withstand rigorous abrasion. We use the same PVC that is used in our best-seller the Crew range of heavy-duty foul weather gear. Just like all of our foul weather gear, the apron is designed with the same special polymetrics that are resistant to the oils and fluids that are used in the fishing industry. The elastic braces are 38mm in width and include a plastic divider at the back to give you even more support and comfort whilst wearing the 999ST Fishing Apron. 

Stormline Knife Belt 

Stormline Knife Belt

Sometimes, the most simple accessories can be overlooked, – remember, simple is often effective. The Stormline knife belt is made from a high-quality 38mm elastic, and is ideal for attaching a knife, giving you ease of access and also making your work safer. Alternatively, you can simply use it to provide a tighter fit for your gear as it’s fully adjustable and so fits waist sizes XS through to 4XL. The large, heavy-duty plastic buckle ensures your belt stays attached but can also be released even when wearing gloves.

At Stormline, we put our customers at the forefront of all our designs. From our branded hoodies and t-shirts to practical fishing sleeves, we’ve got the accessories you need to enhance your workwear or simply provide more comfort. For over 50 years we’ve been supplying the industry with innovative foul weather gear, and with our know-how, plus input from real marine professionals you’ll see our products are not only superior, but comfortable and made to last. Do yourself justice and make it Stormline.

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