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Autumn ready? Get your farming waterproofs ready too

We know there are still a good few weeks until autumn comes around in New Zealand. But if you’re anything like us, then you’ll prefer to be prepared before the mornings get darker and things start becoming a little, well, damp. With the unpredictable summer some good waterproof clothing could well come and handy now.

That’s why it doesn’t hurt to get your farming waterproofs in order beforehand either.

You know the drill already: keep dry, stay warm. If you need a bit more information, however, then these are the essentials for getting autumn ready.

Foul weather clothing

We’ve already mentioned it’s important to avoid the cold and damp during working hours. Something else that’s invaluable too is flexibility, and making sure your foul weather clothing doesn’t crack under pressure.

Foul Weather Heavy Duty Bib & Brace Pants

These are a staple in your farming waterproofs. Our bib and brace pants are reinforced at all those stress points and come with removable knee pads, so you don’t need to buy another pair just because you’ve been working hard all season.

Fun fact: They’re actually based on our best selling Crew 654 commercial fishing bib and have been on the market for over 20 years. It’s nice to know that even in this industry, with so much change and innovation, some things never change.

Farming waterproofs

Foul Weather Heavy Duty Smock

There’s no point keeping just half of your body dry. Heavy duty smocks are one of the best ways to protect your vital organs from the elements and pretty handy in the dairy shed. A good jacket will come with a double-layer of PVC for added protection and durability, won’t skimp on the neoprene (it’s warm), and will be brightly coloured for hi-visibility (important with the health and safety standards these days).

Farming waterproofs

Fishing Oilskins and Stormtex-Air Range

Ah, fishing oilskins. They’re strong, water resistant, and dependable. Not only will they keep moisture at bay, but they’ll also help ensure chemicals don’t reach your skin. It’s why farming and fishing pros have been using them for nearly two centuries.

Stormtex-Air, on the other hand, is our newer lightweigt PVC/PU range and is designed to be even lighter and wick away moisture.

In preparation for autumn, there are a couple of pieces that’ll help you get ready everything the season throws at you:

  • 985 Wet Weather Vest
    Why? It comes with both PVC and lightweight faux-fur lining for extra durability and comfort or for added comfort the 982TN half sleeve vest is a cracker for all the work around the farm mending fences, stock work or on the quad bike.
  • Stormtex-Air Wet Weather Jacket
    Why? You’d be hard pushed to find something more comfortable than this. It’s still flexible, but guarantees to be rain resistant and maintain good moisture wicking throughout the day.

Wet weather farming waterproofs

You probably don’t want a wardrobe overhaul just because it’s coming up to autumn again. Then again, it’s always a good idea to stay one step ahead of the game – especially since NZ weather never seems to stay the same for long. Crowded House probably said it best though…

That’s when having all your farming waterproofs and wet weather gear ready will suddenly pay off.

Are you a Kiwi farmer? We’d love to hear how you get ready for the changing seasons in New Zealand. Share your thoughts with us on Twitter.

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