Crew 807 Heavy Duty Foul Weather Smock


  • Heavy duty 650gsm PVC. Oil resistant.
  • Adjustable neoprene cuffs.
  • Gusset with YKK zipper.
  • One piece design for extra durability.
  • Weight: 1.9kg / 4.2lbs


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Crew 807 Smock

From our best selling Crew 211 heavy-duty foul weather jacket comes the Crew 807 heavy-duty foul weather smock. This foul weather smock is designed to be worn in all weather conditions and includes two layers of PVC for strength, featuring adjustable neoprene cuffs and high visibility colours for marine and industrial safety.

We’re passionate about this foul weather jacket and think you will love the practicality and comfort that it offers you. No matter what industry you operate in, from fishing to farming, this foul weather jacket will protect you from cold weather and ensure you can get on with the job at hand. All our products created here at Stormline are made so they can be practically worn and will last you years. Buying from Stormline is always a sound investment because our products are created after feedback from you, our fantastic customers. This means you can rest assured knowing your fellow, fishermen, farmers or offshore workers have helped influence this product.


  • Half YKK zip front with expansion gusset – The half zip on this jacket means you can still let the fresh air in and not have to undo your entire jacket. This heavy-duty zip features a big toggle which can be adjusted with bare hands or with heavy gloves. The expansion gusset was added to offer the layered membrane greater breathability too.
  • Double layer front for added resistance – When you’re working with heavy machinery in tough conditions you need the clothing to protect you. This is why we added a double layer membrane to the front of the foul weather smock. Having that extra layer is so crucial because it ensures that the product isn’t affected by adhesions, scratches or tears.
  • 650gsm PVC – This weight of PVC is ideal for people in all sorts of industries. It provides a great deal of protection from all sorts of bad weather while also being a lightweight layer membrane, allowing you to be flexible and not restricted by the weight of the material.
  • Drawstring storm hood – This hood can be deployed extremely quickly and pulled tighter to protect you from wind or rain. Simply pull at the toggle to enjoy a comfortable fit around your face. And, because it is adjustable, it can fit a woolly hat or beanie underneath allowing you to keep warmth in and the elements out.
  • Neoprene internal cuffs – Neoprene is a compound which is great at operating under very cold or very warm temperatures, its composition means it won’t lose its elasticity in a hurry. The internal cuffs, where the sleeve goes beyond where the cuff ends, offer a great level of water protection and comfort in harsh working conditions. These internal cuffs will fit tightly to your wrist to ensure your arms remain dry and because they are internal, you can put your gloves on after you put your coat on, knowing the rest of the sleeve will keep things dry.
  • Made from tough polyester PVC – We make our products using only the finest raw materials and this foul weather jacket is no exception. The tough polyester PVC will retain its integrity even if you catch it with a sharp object. Tears and rips will be very few and far between when you wear this product. In addition, the neon element, combined with the navy blue, will ensure you can be seen by your colleagues while you’re on the job. You don’t want to be worrying about whether you’ll be spotted by your crewmates should something happen, the neon PVC will make sure that doesn’t become a problem.


  • Fish industry workwear
  • Commercial fishing foul weather gear
  • Aquaculture rain gear
  • Saltwater fishing clothing
  • Offshore fishing foul weather gear
  • Farming wet weather clothing
  • Construction rain gear
  • Forestry foul weather gear and wet weather clothing
  • Survey rain gear
  • Oil and Gas foul weather gear
  • Fishing oilskins
  • Commercial cleaning wet weather gear

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Since the early days of Stormline, we have been constantly looking to innovate. We’ve been operating since 1966 so we have seen a lot of changes to the industry and have worked hard to adapt to your changing needs. Each product we create is handcrafted and made with you in mind. We create gear for a wide range of industries within the marine and agriculture sectors, from oilskins, bib & brace sets to wet weather vests. We have clothing for a range of scenarios too, be it catching fish on a boat or working hard on the farm. We’re proud to help hard-working people in these industries maintain a level of comfort while they get on with the work.

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Weight 1.7 kg

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1 review for Crew 807 Heavy Duty Foul Weather Smock

  1. John DiBona (verified owner)

    We’re a stone masonry company in Oregon and we’re always looking for the best outerwear and Man, this stuff is bomber! Love the adjustable neoprene cuffs! Great durable material. Excellent range of motion for swinging hammers on stone here in Oregon. Thanks! John DiBona, Stonemason,

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