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Flexothane vs PVC farming waterproof bib

Choosing Your Wet Weather Gear

Wet Weather Gear for Farming or Fishing

If you are a farmer, fishermen or someone who works outdoors or in difficult conditions on a daily basis, choosing the right wet weather gear is critical.  Your ability to work comfortably or to enjoy the outdoors can be influenced greatly by the gear you choose and is therefore critical you consider a number of characteristics when choosing the right gear for you.  Stormline has been making wet weather clothing for 50 years and our products range reflect our experience and input from our users across a wide range of fields. Here are our recommendations for helping you to choose the right waterproof clothing for your requirements.

Heavy Weight Wet Weather Clothing

Heavy weight gear is ideal if you need gear that will be used in abrasive environments. The key things to consider for heavy weight gear is the weight of the PVC, the number of layers and the cut of the gear. When choosing the right gear, anything less than 500gsm weight PVC is unlikely to hold up in the long run. We use 630gsm PVC in our gear, such as the Crew 654 Foul Weather Heavy Duty Bib & Brace Pants. The heavier the weight of PVC, the greater the ability to withstand cuts, oils and general wear and tear.  Having two layers of PVC is also a great way of adding additional protection, especially in the knees where there is often considerable stress.  Ultimately though when you are working long days, you need to ensure that your heavy weight gear is comfortable! The cut of the oilskin fishing jacket or oilskin fishing trousers is extremely important.  We have designed our gear to fit and move with the body to distribute the weight across your shoulders such as our Crew 211 Heavy Duty Jacket. You can find a great range of heavy weight gear at Quality Equipment in Nelson and Auckland in New Zealand.

Medium Weight Wet Weather Clothing

If you need tough gear, but don’t need two layers of PVC, such as waterproof clothing for farming then medium weight gear will do the job.  Medium weight gear is typically 400 to 500 gsm PVC in weight and is tough enough for most applications or those who work in less abrasive conditions.  Again the cut of the gear is very important to ensure comfort when wearing it for long periods. Medium weight waterproof clothing is generally a fairly simple cut without the bells and whistles of the heavy weight gear. Medium weight gear can be a very cost effective option though such as our Stormtex 669 bib and brace.

Light Weight Wet Weather Clothing

Typically waterproof clothing for farmers is light weight wet weather gear due to the types of work involved, such as riding quad bikes, crossing fences or working in barns and dairy sheds.  We have designed a range of light weight waterproof clothing for farming called Stormtex-Air. The key characteristics of a good set of light weight gear is good quality PVC often with some PU to give it a supple and comfortable feel.  We have designed two types of waterproof trousers; the high back 652 and the low back 664. The Stormtex-Air 652 is a top quality product that includes knee pads, hi-visibility neon for safety and two layers on the knees for long lasting protection. The Stormtex-Air 664 is a lower cost bib and brace. Both are ideal for working in the dairy industry. Your light weight jacket should allow a range of movement in the arms and ideally have good size pockets. We use heavy duty YKK zippers with a velcro storm flap that are much easier to use than domes.

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