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PVC Rain Gear for Aquaculture

Aquaculture is an evolving sector – by 2030 62% of all seafood produced for human consumption will come from aquaculture. Aquaculture is the tool which fills the gap of seafood supply, farming fish responsibly and sustainably. To keep up with the ever-growing population and to meet sustainability targets aquaculture has had to prove itself reactive. This, in turn, has presented a range of challenges to suppliers of wet weather gear. Gone are the days of a one-size, one-weight approach to professional aquaculture gear. Professionals now demand more, with new indoor facilities, varying climates, unpredictable weather and compliance with stringent health and safety regulations means aquaculture gear has to satisfy a range of exacting criteria while remaining comfortable and keeping the wearer mobile.

At Stormline, we’re proud of our heritage. Founded over 50 years ago we’re still the leaders in innovation. Our designs have remained ahead of the curve by maximising on new tools and technology, our oilskins offer the greatest degree of protection with the lowest possible expense on the wearer – and we’re not just talking about the price tag. Our gear has always been designed to reduce wearer fatigue. Tired workers are not happy or productive workers. Having more streamlined and lightweight gear with easier movement is at the forefront of our designs. As we all know, times change, Stephenson’s Rocket was once the cutting edge of steam locomotion. It’s essential that companies like ours keep up with the times and ensure that we’re delivering the best possible solutions to the newest and most pressing problems.

Customers are a huge part of our product development process, we focus on solving real problems that are brought to our attention by customers and conducting in-depth research into how our products can be better for the wearer. For example, the 255 PVC jacket, features a raglan sleeve to make it easier for the wearer to stay dry while retaining full and unrestricted arm movement, this design came off the back of direct feedback from our customers. Aquaculture professionals have to do a lot of kneeling down, so we made the 640 bib and brace to include a double-layered knee with knee pad. We aim to engineer all of our designs to make aquaculture work easier.

The materials we make our garments with are an integral part of the design process, so we mainly use PVC because it offers the best protection against the elements. PVC is usually the go-to material for rain gear as it satisfies essential criteria required for wet weather clothing and oilskins. It has second-to-none waterproofing and will keep you warm due to adequate thickness of the material. It’s important for your materials to be comfortable yet durable and PVC has a lot of flexibility and so can allow for unrestrictive movement without weighing you down, it’s a resilient material and provides that quality you need to ensure it’s long-lasting. There are two things to consider when choosing the right kind of PVC for a particular piece of gear, the first being comfort. There’s a lot to consider, because if the fabric is too heavy then it will weigh down the wearer and restrict movement, but if it’s too light then it won’t provide an adequate amount of protection or last as long as it should do. The next thing to take into consideration is value, as heavier PVC costs more to buy, so we need to find the balance between keeping our customers protected and providing them with a product that offers genuine value for money.

Taking materials out of the picture for now, there are still ways in which we can achieve value, comfort and protection for our customers. Technical detailing has a strong influence on how a garment performs relative to the work being done by the wearer, with the key being to only add details that will enhance the wearer’s performance and not hinder it. For example, if they’re working inside then they won’t need a hood or perhaps if they’re likely to be wearing gloves, they’ll need a bigger zip so they can grip it better. We have kept in mind day to day actions and activities, for example, some of our products feature adjustable two-piece hoods so that they can fit properly over helmets. You’ll find that on all of Stormline’s wet weather gear and oilskins we have included the universally valuable technical detail of double welded seams, as they make garments more robust and longer-lasting, increasing the lifespan and over time improving the value for money. Having more robust garments means that customers don’t have to replace them as often, which is a priority for everyone.

Our advice for anyone shopping for wet weather gear for aquaculture is to ensure they find a garment that lets them work unhindered, provides sufficient, but not excessive protection, and is long-lasting. This sounds like a lot, but it’s not. Our wide range of PVC rain gear for aquaculture doesn’t leave any gaps! For example, the Stormtex-Air 652 Bib and Brace are highly comfortable bib and brace pants designed with a high back, elasticated waist, and include knee pads as standard with a reinforced 2 layer 340 gsm PVC front. The Stormtex-Air 203 Jacket is a lightweight and strong 340gsm PVC jacket which is designed for those requiring extra strong gear, but without the weight. All of our products have in-depth descriptions on our site so that you can be sure you’re getting a full picture of the garment.

To find out about your local dealer or distributor for fish farm supply, please contact us. Stormline is a proud supplier of exceptional, functional gear and our wholesale service means that your entire crew has everything they need to do their jobs well while staying safe.

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