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A guide to professional fishing oilskins and wet gear for working in Ireland

A guide to professional oilskins for working in Ireland

man wearing professional oilskins for working in Ireland

Agriculture and fishing are extremely important industries in Ireland, both contributing a significant amount to the country’s economy. These sectors also employ a significant proportion of the nation’s workforce, all of whom need to be kitted out in fit-for-purpose professional rain workwear and professional oilskins. Ireland is a country famed for its incredible countryside, landscapes, coasts and scenery, but it can also produce challenging weather conditions.

Professional oilskins

Preparing for the Irish weather

The climate in Ireland is very similar to that of the UK, but with one rather noticeable difference – the rain. There is a lot of rain in Ireland, which can make working outdoors a real challenge. This is why specialist wet gear clothing for Ireland’s weather is so important, to ensure that those working in farming, agriculture, fishing and aquaculture can stay dry and conformable in all conditions.

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Commercial fishing oilskins (fish farming and aquaculture)

More than 11,000 people in Ireland work in fishing industries, particularly around the coast. Those working in fishing, processing and fish farming, as well as other aquaculture roles, require specialist commercial fishing oilskins. Key features to look out for when buying rain gear for fishing in Ireland include heavy duty waterproofing (especially for work out at sea), flexibility and durability to ensure freedom of movement in what is a highly physical line of work.

Farming and agricultural oilskins and wet gear

Ireland’s agricultural industries employ around 12.5% of the active population, according to an official survey carried out in 2010. Each of these 272,000 people require exceptional quality farming and agricultural oilskins and wet gear. Key requirements include flexibility and lightweight materials, to ensure comfort and movement during physical work. Resistance to chemicals and dairy fats is also important, as well as the ability to layer gear to adapt to changing conditions.

Are you 100% waterproof?

We’ve all been fooled by wet gear that make vague promises about waterproofing. They use terms such as ‘water resistant’ which gives the impression of being completely waterproof, but a few minutes into a heavy shower you’ll soon realise it isn’t. Here’s what to look out for when buying waterproof clothing for Ireland:

  •       A guarantee of 100% waterproofing – with the option to return or replace if it isn’t
  •       Welded or reinforced seams – it is in these areas where moisture is most likely to penetrate
  •       Storm flap – this length of fabric keeps entrances, such as zips and pockets, protected from the rain and wind
  •       Exceptional quality material and build – find this by looking at reviews and choosing a supplier such as Stormline known to specialise in rain workwear for farming and fishing.

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Extra features to make work easier

Whether working in farming or fishing in Ireland, there are certain workwear features that can make daily tasks and movement much easier. Look for features such as adjustable cuffs, hi-visibility markings and raglan sleeves for easier movement.

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