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A Buyer’s Guide To Fishing Bib and Braces

When purchasing fishing gear, you want to know that whatever product you choose is both high-quality and comfortable. It also needs to be capable of handling the challenges that fishing crews often have to deal with.

Here at Stormline, we pride ourselves on catering to the specialist needs of those working in demanding industries. Providing the best quality fishing gear is something we’ve done for decades – when we started out in 1966, the purpose of our business was to manufacture commercial fishing gear to meet demand in New Zealand.

The quality of our products, combined with knowing exactly what our customers want, is why Stormline has earned a strong reputation in New Zealand and around the world, including the UK. 

With comfort and climate in mind, our range of gear includes jackets, pants, tops and bib and brace sets for a range of different industries, including the marine industry. Whilst fishing was our first passion here at Stormline, we have since helped workmen and entire teams of people in a range of sectors, such as agriculture and the construction industry.

If you’d like to know more details about our range of products and how they can help you and your team to carry out your work, please get in touch with our customer service team at [email protected].

Why choose us for quality fishing gear?

Our fishing bib and brace products are the first choice for fishermen and fishing crews in the UK in areas from Cornwall to Peterhead. Designed for the likes of saltwater fishing, commercial fishing, sea angling and other areas of the fishing industry, the entire range is made with pride by the Stormline team.

Stormline is recognised as a leading brand amongst commercial fishing professionals and our recreational users can enjoy the same level of protection in the elements too. Each product has finer details and useful features that have been carefully constructed to help you withstand the elements and many other difficulties that fishermen often have to battle with.

With so many options out there, we’ve created this buyer’s guide to our waterproof fishing bib and brace sets, to help you pick the best product for your needs.


Option 1: The STORMTEX 669G Farming Waterproof Bib and Brace Pants, £69.00

Our STORMTEX 669G Farming Waterproof Bib and Brace Pants are a popular choice among fishing professionals. Whilst initially designed for farming and outdoor work, this versatile bib and brace set is also suitable for a range of other activities and industries, such as forestry, aquaculture, and fishing, thanks to its flexibility, waterproofing, and overall comfort and durability.

For fishing crews, one of the main priorities when it comes to searching for the right gear is finding clothing that gives you adequate protection against the elements without compromising on comfort.

The climate is at the forefront of our design considerations here at Stormline, and this bib and brace is no exception – it’s one of the best waterproof fishing bib and brace products out there. Pair these bib and brace pants with the Stormtex 219 Farming Waterproof jacket for a combination that’s certainly going to provide great protection from the elements.

Maximum protection, whatever the conditions

These bib and brace pants make ideal fishing industry workwear – the waterproof and highly durable fabric is perfect for keeping you warm and dry whilst you carry out your job.

As foul weather gear, they’re also a valuable investment for those in the commercial fishing industry, saltwater fishing market and sea angling, surrounded by open oceans. Our recreational fishing users also value this level of protection and comfort. These industries and environments demand gear that is high-quality, flexible and, above all, going to meet your every need. At Stormline, that’s exactly what we’ll provide. 

This lightweight fishing bib and brace is made from 340 gsm PVC and weighs just 900 grams (+/- 50g for smaller or larger sizes). It is designed to provide the level of protection all fishermen want and expect, without weighing you down. The fabric has been specially selected for its useful features and impressive level of durability means that no matter what the activity is, or the weather conditions may be, this bib and brace can withstand the work you’re doing.

It is also chemical resistant, making it ideal for all weathers, and the high-quality PVC fabric is strong enough to resist tears and scrapes. You can be confident that this bib and brace will support, or even improve, your fishing experience and certainly won’t hold you back.

This waterproof bib and brace for fishing also has multiple features that are designed to provide optimum comfort and protection. Its features include an adjustable back divider and ankle straps for maximum practicality and flexibility to match the work or activity you are doing.

The back divider is shaped with comfort in mind – it is designed to sit comfortably on the shoulders without the discomfort that is often caused by sliding, stretching or digging in. This 38mm heavy-duty elastic harness maximises practicality, whilst the adjustable divider will help you to get the perfect fit.

As for the ankle straps, these ensure that despite the challenging terrain, or weather conditions you may often be faced with, your fishing bib and brace trousers will be ideal for waterproofing around heavy footwear, such as rain boots.

Other handy features include an internal chest pocket, which is the ideal storage spot for mobile phones and other equipment you need with you.

As well as this, the fishing bib and brace is also fully reversible, which is perhaps one of the features our customers appreciate the most. Having the ability to reverse the waterproof bib and brace fishing trousers means that they are perfect for extended use and can stay in good condition for a long time, no matter how challenging the elements can be. It’s designing products with these useful features in mind that demonstrate how we put customer comfort and customer needs at the forefront of every design consideration. 

Option 2: The Stormtex 669B PVC Oilskin Waterproof Workwear Bib and Brace, £69.00-£74.00

The Stormtex 669B medium weight PVC waterproof bib and brace is another ideal choice for fishing professionals that are often battling with the elements. The product has a loose and relaxed fit, making it perfect for layering over your clothing as extra protection.

Whilst great for fishing, this bib and brace is also a popular choice for farmers, those in the construction industry, and those that are looking for gear designed for power washing. Keeping you dry whatever the weather, this bib and brace set is a versatile and worthwhile investment.

With the ability to help you combat foul weather, this bib and brace is a must-have for those that are offshore fishing and need to combat open waters and challenging conditions such as high winds and rough tides.

Offshore fishing often involves working during cold nights and hot days, whilst also faced with challenges such as powerful winds and salt spray. As a result, you need versatile gear that’s going to help you withstand these difficulties and get the job done. That’s exactly what this bib and brace are designed to do. We recommend wearing this bib and brace with our Stormex 248Y PVC Oilskin Hi-Viz Waterproof Workwear Jacket for even greater protection.

Only the toughest, highest quality materials

As with all of the products that are available at Stormline, we only source and use the best materials for our fishing bib and brace sets. Buying new gear frequently due to wear and tear that could have easily been prevented by better materials is always disappointing, so we ensure that the material we use for our gear is long-lasting, despite the challenges it will come up against.

This 669B PVC waterproof bib and brace is medium weight – weighing 1.2kg (+/- 50g for smaller and larger sizes) – and combines strength, durability, comfort and versatility. If you need to keep warm, dry and protected from harsh climates, this material is designed with you in mind. The PU coating we use ensures that the gear remains comfortable and in great condition, despite years of use in harsh conditions.

This bib and brace is available in blue and yellow. It’s also fully reversible which means that the product is long-lasting and versatile in the face of varying weather conditions and challenges.

Maximum comfort and protection – plus extra features

Besides the high-quality materials we carefully select for our products, we always ensure that our products have every feature our customer would need to experience maximum comfort and protection in their gear.

As well as the single layer 500 gsm PVC and the relaxed fit that makes this bib and brace perfect for layering, it also has a useful internal pocket so you can store any equipment or personal belongings safely and securely. Other useful features include a sliding plastic divider so you can adjust the straps to a perfect fit, as well as ankle snap adjustments on the trousers for a secure fit and waterproofing around your footwear.

option 3: The Crew 640 PVC Fishing Waterproofs Bib Overalls, £86.00-£100.00

The Crew 640 PVC Fishing Waterproofs Bib Overalls are another versatile choice at Stormline, and are a popular choice with construction workers, farmers, and fishermen alike.

Based on the bestselling Crew 654, these overalls are the perfect choice for those in the fishing industry. As with all of our products, this one is packed with useful features to help you navigate the challenges of fishing and the environment you work in.

The Crew 640 is made for those that don’t need a double PVC front, but still value the extra protection that is provided by double layer 650 gsm PVC over the knees, as well as heavy-duty knee pads. With the latter, there’s no need to worry about remembering your knee pads when you head out. Our knee pads are already integrated, so you can carry out your job without the worry of affecting your mobility.

For maximum protection, whether you work in the commercial fishing industry or enjoy recreational fishing, this fishing bib and brace suit is ideally worn with the Crew 211 or Crew 255 waterproof fishing jackets.

Made to last with heavy-duty PVC

Just like our other bib and brace products, these middleweight overalls are made from the very best materials. They weigh 1.6kg (+/- for smaller and larger sizes) and are made from heavy-duty 650 gsm PVC combined with medium-duty 480 gsm PVC.

The waterproof pants are made from a single piece of 650 gsm PVC, which means side seams aren’t required. By eliminating this need, it reduces wear and tear to the side area, meaning your gear will last longer and be a truly worthy investment. After all, your gear needs to be long-lasting, providing a high level of protection for a long time to come.

As for the extra features, like our other fishing bib and brace, these overalls have an internal reinforced chest pocket that is easy to access, meaning you can keep your equipment and belongings with you at all times with peace of mind that they are safe and secure.

As well as this, the bib overalls come with a hi-vis chest piece for your safety. Knowing that you are visible to others, with this feature, allows you to focus on the job at hand. Another feature our customers appreciate is the double-welded seams.

At Stormline, we’re always keen to implement features into our products that will maximise their durability, and creating items with double-welded seams is just one of the ways we do this. A seam of this kind is more effective than a regular double stitch, ensuring the product will therefore last longer.

With every product designed and made here at Stormline, we are also keen to add features that increase comfort for our customers when wearing our gear. As such, these overalls come with velcro ankle tabs so you can adjust the overalls to fit you exactly. If they’re too loose, simply pull them in a little tighter with the tabs, or loosen them if you need some more room.

As well as the tabs, these overalls have an elasticated waist and adjustable straps, meaning you can move freely and comfortably. As many fishermen wear gloves when carrying out their work, the adjustable straps are made with industrial plastic clips that are easy to use, even when wearing gloves. It’s the implementation of useful features like these that make our products strong favourites amongst our customers.

Get in touch to find out more

We hope that this guide has been helpful in assisting you with finding the right fishing bib and brace for your needs. You can guarantee that all of our products are made with the same care and consideration, regardless of the product you choose.

Whilst this buyer’s guide to fishing bib and brace aims to address any questions you may have about our products, please get in touch with us at Stormline by emailing [email protected] if you have any further questions or want to know more about shipping and our sizes.

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