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Trapman Bermagui with some freshly caught fish

Jason Moyce – Face of Stormline November 2015

This is the third in an exciting new series of monthly Stormline feature profiles. A new face of Stormline, every month. If you want to share your passion for the sea check out the details at the bottom of this article to get involved. Name: Jason Moyce or @trapman_bermagui (check him out on Instagram for his regular updates) Age: […]

Meet the Archetypal UK Boss – A 54-year-old Guy Called Andrew

Ever wondered what it takes to get to the top of the professional tree? A good education is a good start. So is a good work ethic. The right connections never hurt. But your chances really improve if your name is Andrew… UK Boss Archetype Name: Andrew Gender: Male Ethnicity: White British Age: 54 (almost […]

Wet weather gear in Alaska

Stop the waste: For Every Line-Caught Halibut 7 are Discarded by Trawlers

Imagine your community had fished a certain species for generations, sustaining families and providing an income for lots of people. Your rural community, isolated from most modern means of earning a living have done this for thousands of years. Then suddenly, the fish that you rely on starts disappearing. It’s not disappearing because other people […]

charlotte proudman

1 in 5 Women Say they Fear Being Patronised at Work, research reveals.

The recent media attention around the case of Charlotte Proudman, the human rights lawyer who outed a fellow lawyer for an inappropriate message on LinkedIn has added new impetus to research conducted by Stormline earlier this Summer, which revealed that women are put off certain industries because they expect to be patronised by male colleagues. […]

Tony 'TK' Walker from Cascade Fishing Charters with a Tuna

Tony Walker – Face of Stormline September 2015

This is the second in an exciting new series of monthly Stormline feature profiles. A new face of Stormline, every month. Name: Tony (TK) Walker Age: 52 Profession:  Commercial fisherman. Hometown: Whangamata New Zealand. Main activity: Long line fishing for Tuna, swordfish and bottom longline for Bass and bluenose. Best catch: In recent years the most memorable catch […]

Richard Branson

Having One of These Seven Names Massively Increases your Odds of Being Boss of a Company

Following on from our research into what puts women off from working in male-dominated industries, new research from Stormline has revealed some depressing trends among the names of the UK’s top bosses, they’re almost all blokes for a start.   Like a boss – Most common names running top UK firms More Andrews than women […]

Anthony Luele - Face of Stormline August 2015

Anthony Luele – Face of Stormline August 2015

This is the first in an exciting new series of monthly Stormline feature profiles. A new face of Stormline, every month. Why? We want to get to know the people who choose Stormline and share their passion for the sea with the rest of the Stormline community. To kick us off, say hello to 17-year-old Anthony […]

Whitstable Oyster Festival

Do you know where you fish comes from? Two thirds of us never read the label

  New research conducted by Stormline has found that two thirds of people who eat fish at least twice per month don’t bother reading the label, despite saying they are concerned about sustainability, origin and capture method. Of the one in three that regularly read the label, 91 percent said they found the information confusing and […]

Manager from New Zealand King salmon farm holding a salmon

Is Aquaculture the Future for Seafood?

As a proud supplier of wet weather gear to a number of partners in the aquaculture industry, we take a very keen interest in the future of the industry. A recent report conducted by the BBC found that attitudes to farmed fish may be holding back progress in finding a sustainable way to provide enough […]