Westport 677 Fishing Bib and Brace


  • Ripstop Nylon with PVC lamination and seam sealed. 10,000+ waterproofing
  • Elastic back with 38mm elastic and back divider
  • Internal chest pocket + side utility pocket
  • Stainless steel ankle domes
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Westport 677 Wet Weather Fishing Bib and Brace

As they are a very lightweight garment, the 677 bib & brace pants are ideal for unpredictable climates and have been designed for all types of fishing. It includes ankle domes and an elastic waist for comfort.


Nylon PVC laminated fabric – This fabric has been chosen for its flexibility and durability, with seamsealing and rated to 10,000+ waterproofing.

Adjustable back divider – For durability and comfort. This shape is designed to sit comfortably on the shoulders, without digging in, sliding, stretching or causing you any discomfort. The harness is made from 38mm heavy-duty elastic for optimum comfort and practicality. The adjustable divider helps to get the best fit.

Elastic back – Elastic back for comfort and to provide an active fit.

Internal chest pocket – Internal pocket perfect for mobile phones, small tools and other equipment you need to keep on hand and protected from the elements.

Side pocket – Includes a side pocket on the right thigh for useful storage. It also includes a drain hole in the event water gets inside.

Adjustable ankle snaps – Adjustable ankle snaps that are perfect for waterproofing around rainboots and heavy footwear.

Lightweight 700 grams (+/- 50g for smaller and larger sizes) – Weighing only 700 grams, our bib and brace pants are perfect for giving you all the protection you need.

This is a light weight fishing bib and brace pants designed for offshore fishing or angling. It is made from laminated nylon and includes a useful side pocket on the right thigh.

Ideal for use as:

Saltwater fishing clothing – Fishing in saltwater and on the open ocean has a unique set of challenges that workers and crews of all kinds need to face. With Stormline, you can be confident that your gear is completely waterproof to keep you working at your best.

Offshore fishing foul weather gear – Offshore fishing means working out on the seas, so you need to be confident your gear is going to hold up out there! From high winds and salt spray to working closely with the catch, plus working on cold nights and hot days, your gear needs to be as versatile as possible to cover the wide variety of different jobs you need to do offshore.

What is a fishing bib and brace?

Fishing bibs are designed to keep the fisherman’s body warm and dry – from their legs and all the way up to their chest – when fishing in the harshest conditions. Fishing bibs should be worn over layers of clothes for added warmth and maximum comfort, and, as they don’t cover the whole body, additional layers such as waterproof jackets and boots should be worn together with the bib and brace to prevent the entry of water anywhere along your body. They have outer pockets to store all your fishing gear and equipment.

Why a fishing bib and brace from Stormline?

When fishing is a huge part of your life and profession, the last thing you want is for your rain gear to not be up to par when fishing in harsher conditions – serious anglers all over the world wear a fishing bib and brace to keep warm and stay protected from rain. Our waterproof fishing bib and brace products are the first choice for fishermen and fishing crews in the UK and worldwide. Our Stormline team designs our extensive range of bib and brace gear with pride for saltwater fishing, commercial fishing, sea angling, and all other sectors of the fishing industry.

The fishing trousers and bib sets from Stormline provide the necessary protection you need for all fishing activities, such as padded knees and practical features, allowing you to move around freely without straining your mobility. The Westport 677 fishing bib and brace will keep you dry and mobile whether you’re commercially fishing or simply just out boating for the day – it’s perfect for the colder conditions, especially in harsh conditions and even challenging conditions. With plenty of pockets for storing fishing essentials and extra features that other fishing oilskins don’t offer, Stormline’s fantastic range of brace products is a great choice among fishermen. Better yet, the internal chest pocket is extra handy and allows you to store heavy products.

Built to last for all fishing activity

If you are looking for a lightweight fishing bib and brace that provides you with protection from extreme conditions and water intrusion protection, look no further than the Westport 677 fishing bib and brace. This stellar piece of gear is made from nylon to provide complete water protection for all demanding conditions and fishing activities, from offshore fishing to bank fishing. 

A breathable material that minimises sweating and overheating is essential when fishing in the heat, making these overalls suitable to wear as dungarees for summer fishing and all other weather conditions. Adjustable suspenders, heavy-duty knee pads, internal pockets, ankle domes, and an elastic waistband are included within the Westport 677 bib and brace, which keeps wind-driven moisture at bay and provides optimum comfort. The level of protection is simply second to none.

Crafted for protection

The Westport 677 waterproof fishing bib is crafted to provide commercial fishermen extra protection across the body – plus additional protection of the knees thanks to the built-in reinforced knee pads. Not only do the built-in knee pads provide maximum protection, but they also allow for incredible customer comfort. Explore our huge range of fishing bibs and braces and you will find every product is matched with top-notch protection – the Stormline range boasts market-leading products and is a great choice for fishermen.

How Stormline can help with all fishing gear

When buying fishing gear, you want to make sure that everything you buy is tip-top quality, durable and was designed with comfort in mind. In such unruly off-shore environments, it’s crucial that your gear can withstand the hardships that fishermen face on a regular basis. At Stormline, we take pleasure in meeting all of our clients’ needs. We’ve been providing the highest quality fishing gear to suit all weather conditions for generations, fulfilling a long-standing goal of producing commercial fishing gear to suit high demands. 

Stormline has built a great name in the commercial fishing industry all over the world, from New Zealand to the UK, owing to the quality of our goods and our ability to understand exactly what our clients want. Explore Stormline’s entire range of fishing bibs and braces for the best approach to fishing.


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