Stormtex 669HG Midweight PVC Rain Gear Bib and Brace Pants – Green


  • 500gsm oil resistant PVC
  • Relaxed fit with 38mm elastic straps and back divider
  • Internal chest pocket
  • Fully reversible to last longer
  • Stainless steel snaps on ankles
  • Weight: 1.2kg / 2.64lbs
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The Stormtex 669HG medium weight PVC rain gear bib and brace, made by the experts here at Stormline, is manufactured with 500 gsm PVC and is fully reversible. This means you can wear them either way around, front or back, whichever way you like. The neutral green colour of the PVC creates a smart and professional-looking set of farming gear and wet weather gear.

This commercial fishing rain gear, the Stormtex 669HG PVC Rain Gear Bib and Brace Pants, also features a useful pocket inside the front to store your phone, keys, wire or tools. Anything you place in here will be safe, dry, and secure, ready for when you need it. Also, the plastic snaps on the brace allow you to adjust the trouser bottoms to fit, and sit, comfortably.

This wet weather gear is designed to be lightweight so you can wear it all day, without feeling weighed down. The bib and brace overalls are also extremely durable and are ideal for commercial farming or any other type of outdoor work on land or at sea. Pair this bib and brace overalls with the Stormtex 248G jacket and you are ready to take on whatever nature has to throw at you.


  • Colour – Olive Green (the bib is lighter than the image suggests).
  • Single layer lightweight weight 500 gsm PVC – Quality material that is robust and protective, but also lightweight and easy to walk around in all day. You will remain dry without even noticing you have rain protection on.
  • H harness – The H harness keeps everything securely in place, and comfortable, around your back and shoulders, whilst keeping your bib and brace pants up too.
  • Internal pocket – Functionality is key with any commercial rain gear, whether that be commercial fishing rain gear or any other type. A spacious internal pocket is incredibly convenient and non-obtrusive.
  • All-weather protection – Stay dry and protected all day long. The Stormtex 669HG PVC waterproof rain gear bib and brace pants has electronically welded seams for ultimate protection. It also boasts 100% waterproof nylon backed 500gsm PVC with PU coating. This is the exact bib and brace set you will need in the middle of a torrential downpour, ensuring you remain protected whilst getting your job done.
  • Multi-purpose wet weather gear – The versatile design makes this product ideal for a wide range of commercial and outdoor applications. This includes construction, forestry, farming, fishing, hunting and other physical outdoor activities.
  • Fully reversible – The fully reversible nature of the Stormtex 669HG PVC Rain Gear Bib and Brace Pants makes them easy to put on. You do not have to worry about having them the right way around, just throw them on and get out there!
  • Leg adjustments – This commercial fishing rain gear is made to be loose-fitting, but it can be fully adjusted to fit your leg shape, length, and how you would like the bib and braces to rest on you. Being comfortable is just as important as being protected, and the Stormtex 669HG PVC Rain Gear Bib and Brace Pants covers both aspects easily.
  • Relaxed fit – Designed to be looser around the waist and chest so that you can move easily and can layer underneath with warmer clothing if required.
  • Weight 1.2kg / 2.65lbs – You can add or take away around 50g for larger or smaller sizes, but either way this is extremely lightweight wet weather gear that will not restrict your movement, or mobility, at all.

Ideal for use as:

  • Fish industry workwear
  • Commercial fishing foul weather gear
  • Aquaculture rain gear
  • Saltwater fishing clothing
  • Offshore fishing foul weather gear
  • Farming waterproof clothing
  • Construction rain gear
  • Forestry foul weather gear and wet weather clothing
  • Survey rain gear
  • Commercial Gardening wet weather gear
  • Jet Washing
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Soft Wash
  • Pressure Washing


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Thumbs up

Excellent product, only downside little expensive

Tony 1 December, 2022

5.0 out of 5 stars Best Slickers yet

I’ve been crabbing for 14 years and Grundens has turned to complete trash. Even the h17 harvesters are so thin now, they come apart at the seems. These stormline alter made like they should be. Strong Woven Nylon should hold together, unlike the Hercules cheap cloth that comes apart. They even sent them fast, because they knew I needed them. So far so good, my new favorite company. PS very Comfortable too.

JoeyBBerry 12 September, 2022

5.0 out of 5 stars Heavy duty

Built taught for all day work....stayed dry.

rod h. 6 May, 2022

4.0 out of 5 stars They look marvelous

Didn’t get to wear them yet as fishing season isn’t here yet

Dave Moser jr. 10 April, 2022

comfortable to wear

comfortable and waterproof

Jennie Hale 11 October, 2021


Super product. Does what it says on the tin

Alan 16 March, 2021

Great quality

What can I say, does exactly as described. Has a multitude of uses besides being used for fishing. The quality is fantastic, great product and I would definitely buy more when required

Leo Manfredi 12 December, 2020

Great! Perfect for working outdoors

Fits well with the adjustable straps.

Dan 10 October, 2020
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