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A Guide to Buying Pressure Washing Clothing in America

Pressure washing is a rapidly growing industry in the United States. Especially in coastal areas where home exteriors require regular washing due to the salt and spray they face. Pressure washing is also in high demand in hot and dry areas such as Arizona, New Mexico and Texas are also, where the arid conditions can take its toll on homes, businesses and vehicles. If you live in areas of high snow fall, pressure washing is in high demand in Spring and Summer to get your home looking its best.

The job itself can be quite tough. It’s physical work, there’s lots of spray and the conditions can be harsh, especially during winter.

But pressure washing clothing that is up to the job is not always easy to find. Not just any old commercial rain gear will do – in fact, quite the opposite is true.

Why only specialist waterproof gear is good enough

For full protection, comfort and freedom of movement, it is essential to buy heavy duty pressure washing gear designed for the specific rigours of the job.

Here at Stormline, we specialise in providing gear that has been engineered specifically with pressure washing and other demanding high impact industries in mind.

With over 50 years experience, we’re confident we have pressure washing gear nailed down. Every single piece extensively tested, by real users. This ensures that it won’t leak, it won’t erode and it won’t need replacing in a few weeks or months’ time.

Why resilience and durability are top priorities when buying pressure washing clothing

If your pressure washing gear can’t withstand the force of the water– it simply isn’t worth having. Your clothing is put under immense pressure day in, day out. After all, the force of the water can be as great as 30,000psi in some powerful commercial jet washers.

Whether cleaning parking lots, roofs, sidewalks, driveways or decks, the force of the water will eventually wear down poorly made rain gear. Areas that are most affected are the seams, particuarly on the crotch and the seams either side of the knees. This is why you need to make durability a top priority, looking for the right materials, reinforced seams and 100% waterproofing.

How tough is PVC?

Can your pressure washing clothing withstand chemicals?

It’s not just the force of the water you need to worry about either. Professional pressure washers encounter harsh chemicals on a daily basis, from relatively mild detergents to strong chlorine and bleach-based cleaning chemicals.

Basic oilskins will protect your skin from these chemicals for a short time, but the stronger chemicals will eventually eat through non-specialist materials. This is why you need purpose-designed pressure washing gear that has been tested for its ability to withstand chlorine, bleach and other harsh chemicals.

Don’t forget about comfort and mobility

When focusing on durability, it’s easy to forget about comfort when shopping for pressure washing clothing. Long shifts behind the power hose can soon lead to discomfort without the right gear. When shopping for jet washing clothing, look for gear that is:

  • Made from durable materials – to ensure that your rain gear will last
  • Designed to allow the air to circulate – keeping you at a comfortable temperature. This can be hard to achieve though when working hard
  • Able to provide freedom of movement – essential for such a physical job requiring plenty of mobility and agility. For example raglan sleeves on a jacket give a better range of movement
  • Lightweight – so it doesn’t weigh you down while you’re working

What materials are the best choice for pressure washing clothing?

Most jet washing crews swear by PVC, or clothing containing PVC, as the best choice for this line of work. It’s incredibly strong, supple, waterproof and super durable.

Stormline PVC Strength Demonstration

The most hard-wearing zips in the business

Zips can be a crucial weakness in much pressure washing clothing. This is not only because they can break, rendering the clothing pretty much useless. Zips can also cause a problem when pressure washing crews are wearing gloves, because it’s near impossible to unzip them without taking your gloves off. This can slow you down and be extremely frustrating.

Stormline’s zips are known to be ‘glove friendly’ as well as extremely hard-wearing. We’re so confident, we even offer a full factory warranty.

For other essential features, check out our Guide to Choosing waterproofs and wet weather gear for your jet washing business.

Buying your wet weather pressure washing gear

Once you’ve made a decision on the level of weather protection you need, you can make an informed decision about which gear to buy.

Buying online can often yield a good bargain and if you’re looking to buy gear for your entire team, it can be smart to look for a seller who offers a trade discount.

Stormline’s trade discounts are designed to make it economically feasible to purchase multiple high quality pieces of wet weather pressure washing gear. Since our gear is engineered to last, you can treat it as an investment rather than a recurring expense.

Visit our trade and wholesale section and get a discount code for 15% off your next purchase.