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Man in Milford 249 waterproofs driving a boat

All The Commercial Fishing Rain Gear Accessories You Need to Know About

Having the right workwear is a top priority in commercial fishing- it needs to be hardwearing to withstand the various fluids and abrasions that even one day in commercial fishing can throw at you. At Stormline, we believe in innovation and development when it comes to our apparel, and that doesn’t stop at just clothing! […]

Farm land in New Zealand

What To Look For In Your NZ Farming Wet Weather Gear

The climate of New Zealand is a very volatile one, due to the country’s varied and diverse landscape, which can mean that farming in New Zealand, while rewarding, isn’t always easy. Some NZ farmers consider themselves the luckiest people in the world that they get to enjoy such magnificent landscapes, although you may find that […]

Man on a quad bike herding sheep

Your agricultural workwear starter kit – all the kit you need for farming in the UK.

Working in agriculture can mean so many different things – there are a huge number of different hats a farmer has to wear (so to speak!) throughout not only the year, but every single day as well. At Stormline, we understand the difference that having durable, versatile gear makes to your every day, but also […]

industrial commercial rain gear jacket

PVC Rain Gear for Aquaculture

Aquaculture is an evolving sector – by 2030 62% of all seafood produced for human consumption will come from aquaculture. Aquaculture is the tool which fills the gap of seafood supply, farming fish responsibly and sustainably. To keep up with the ever-growing population and to meet sustainability targets aquaculture has had to prove itself reactive. […]

Pressure washing waterproofs

Five essential features of pressure washing rain gear

What is the biggest challenge your rain gear will ever come up against? You may think it’s a life out at sea as part of a fishing crew, facing storms, swells and lashing rain. While this is undoubtedly a challenging environment, just as difficult to work with can be a pressure washer. The sheer force […]

Foul weather gear for fishing in America

Foul weather gear for fishing in America – a guide to the essentials

All crews need high-performance foul weather gear for fishing in America, no matter what the climate. From squalls, storms, rain and wind to salt spray and the challenges of handling fish, there’s a lot that your gear needs to withstand. It’s important to shop carefully and always opt for quality, unless you want to be […]

New Zealand farming gear

New Zealand farming clothing – choosing the best wet weather gear for NZ agriculture

Farming in a climate such as New Zealand’s isn’t easy. Some NZ farmers will consider themselves the luckiest people in the world that they get to enjoy such magnificent landscapes – but only those who are warm and dry in the right wet weather gear. Finding the right New Zealand farming clothing is absolutely essential. […]

New Zealand Outdoor Clothing

New Zealand outdoor clothing brands – a look at NZ wet weather gear heritage

New Zealand is a country that fully embraces the outdoors, from the wet and wild to the serene, expansive landscapes it is famous for. Whether adventuring or working in the great outdoors, you’ll need wet weather gear that’s up to the task. Luckily, you’ve found yourself in the right country. NZ wet weather gear is […]

three fishermen posing for photograph

Wet weather accessories – hats, belts and other essentials for commercial fishing

When we talk about preparations for commercial fishing, we often focus on the waterproof trousers and foul weather jackets that your crew needs to stay warm and dry. But what about wet weather accessories? Essential extras such as hats, belts, boots and gloves can actually be more crucial when it comes to staying comfortable out […]

Workers wearing wet weather gear on a boat perceived as being very manly.

Wet weather work gear – finding the right waterproofs for your job

If you’ve tried a range of different waterproofs for your team and still don’t feel that you’re getting enough performance or life out of your wet weather work gear, it could be time to re-think your approach. Want great gear at a lower cost? Check out our trade and wholesale offers. Instead of getting universal […]